Bogda Group d.o.o. was founded in Sarajevo in 2016. Since its establishment, it has been engaged in interior design and furniture design, production and sale of custom – made furniture, project execution and consulting services.

Through the constant commitment and work of a young and ambitious team of people Bogda Group d.o.o. develops its own brand called “#bdesign”.

The #bdesign brand offers you a combination of elegance and simplicity, which is a mirror of a modern home. With its modern design and state-of-the-art interior design solutions, the #bdesign brand always leads you one step ahead of everyone. Confirmation of the top quality of products and services are our satisfied customers who always come back to us.

Omar Bučo



Our mission

Mission Bogda Group d.o.o. is to present the opportunities for young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina to provide top quality services while respecting and meeting the most complex customer requirements. The goal is to increase production and the number of employees while maintaining the adopted business policy in the field of product quality and its presentation.


Our vision

The vision of Bogda Group d.o.o. is to become a leader in both domestic and foreign markets in the field of interior design and production of custom - made furniture. We want to create a lasting advantage in the market by providing our customers with top quality services and products.